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Welcome to London Endoscopic Spine Surgery
Here you will find an international team of leading specialists in spinal disorders.


The London Endoscopic Spine Surgery offers the combined talents of the world’s international spinal experts and groundbreaking developments in spinal care – the advent of endoscopic spinal surgery.

Long since established in other fields, the technical challenges of applying endoscopic techniques to the spine have hitherto proved insuperable.

The London Endoscopic Spine Surgery was the first in England to invest in this ground breaking technology which affords patients with sciatica a genuine local anaesthetic, day case procedure that allows for a return to normal working life within days.

Endoscopic techniques will clearly become the gold standard just as they have in the abdomen and joints. Who would now have open surgery for a torn meniscus in the knee or for the gall bladder?

The procedure is carried out under sedation and thus avoids full anaesthesia. It takes place through a portal not much larger than a pencil. After an overnight stay you are ready to go home. You can be back at work days later. No other method of disc surgery offers direct excision of the disc problem with such rapid recovery.

However, just as it did in other surgical areas, it takes many years to train a worldwide surgical work force.

The London Endoscopic Spine Surgery  offers you the experts now.